Finding Your Way

There is nothing like coming into your own. Turning a corner. Finding that sweet spot. Getting the answer you’ve been looking for. After grappling, feeling like you have been wandering in a fog- you finally have a moment where you say-yaaaas, this it. First you feel relief, then deep gratitude. This is when you dig in and the real work begins. This is how the last few months have been for me. The quiet drawing and the sweet desires have been adding up and it feels right.   

Layers upon layers each adding up to a language you feel you can speak fluently. 

I love love seeing coaching clients glide into this space. It takes work, some creative prompts, shaking things up a bit. October group coaching pods are closing fast. These are small intimate groups. If you prefer one on one, I have your back for that too. 

September 24, 2020 — monica lee