Ready, Set, Procrastinate!


 So, we are 6 months into all this outerworld drama.  I have had to let go of some things and I have added some things. (i.e. designing posters of my art, making my work more accessible to everyone who wants something fun and beautiful in their space.) 

One thing I know for sure is that I have had to get serious and out of my own  way to execute these changes. In the process, I have realized I am seriously good and getting Sh*T done, and not just the fun stuff, the HARD stuff too. I have also realized how important exploring and challenging myself is to my growth as an artist. 

I can get projects done and have some fun and also have a real sense of accomplishment. I have realized that being vulnerable and ditching the imposter syndrome can lead to explosive growth as an artist. But if this has not been your recent experience….ENTER…. (add drumroll here and possibly an eye roll. ) 

THE Mastermind Coaching Pod : EXECUTE


The Mastermind Coaching Pod: EXPLORE 

 You know that stuff (work) you have been putting off? Launching something new, organizing a class, writing a book and ALL that tech, I’ve got you covered. You know the place where you feel stale and stuck in your creative practice and need a serious jumpstart? I have the perfect space to keep you safe, inspired and growing. 

The EXECUTE mastermind pod is all about helping you with resources and accountability so you can give yourself an air high five (which is all we can actually do during Covid) 

But seriously, knocking big tasks out and taking on the project you have been putting off and GETTING IT COMPLETED can really put some dollars in your pocket. Ask yourself this, what will it end up costing you if you keep avoiding it? 

The other Mastermind is the EXPLORE Group. This group is about expanding your creative practice. I have been coaching for some time now and I can easily get  a sense of when someone is throwing down some excuses for not growing creatively. I know this because it is an achingly familiar move that I have done myself. When I turned a corner and committed to push myself as an artist, it was the best decision I have ever made (right up there with saying NO  to brussel sprouts once and for all!) That and jogging. No to jogging. Anyway...

This is a chance to explore and experiment in a dedicated time frame. 8 weeks. There will be creative prompts (mini assignments)  that are specially designed for each individual in the group once I get to know you. Consider it a stay-at-home creative residency with measurable results. AND I promise it will be FUN and a safe space to expand yourself (do bring a sense of humor please. :)



You can read the logistics on the coaching page. They will be Zoom meetings, small groups, once a week for 8 weeks starting the first week in Oct going through to the first week in Dec (we skip Thanksgiving much cooking…and eating and no jogging.)

So what do you think?

Are you headed in a direction that you are conscious of? Are you making deliberate positive decisions for yourself? 

P.S. Whatever you decide-YOU are incharge of YOU more than you even remotely understand! I throw roadblocks down for my own growth ALL THE TIME and I have learned how to cut  that "sit and spin" timeframe and make it really really short! You can too, and trust me, it feels so, so good to be moving forward in your life (that beautiful - gorgeous life of yours) Hugs to you all! 


September 03, 2020 — monica lee