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A little about me: I am a modern American painter living and working in Rhode Island.

Below is my "official artist's statement" which can sound stuffy. After having worked as a fashion illustrator and having hosted the podcast Smart Creative Women, I can't get away from the fact that my worked is very female. Whether it is lusty, intimate or the way I am seeing the female figure presented in advertising, exploring the depths  and contrasts within femininity keeps me charged.  

"In my art, I hope to examine a type of super-charged femininity, exploring control and recklessness within the context of the female form and the traditionally female subject matter of flowers and plant life.

Within the figurative work, I am intrigued by the conversation that is defining us culturally by the influence from social media and advertising as I believe it is redefining our visual conversation. I examine an intimate and public view of the female identity. The cropped feminine figure is painted as an ideally “more approachable” identity, while the floral work is from a hyper-realized version of sensuality and growth. 

Both the disengagement and the expansion are relevant in today’s feminine story."

Here is some other fun stuff:

As a fashion illustrator, I have drawn  live from the runway during London Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. Before transitioning to fine art painting, I worked in editorial illustration for 15 years.


I was the host of the Smart Creative Women podcast from 2012 to 2016, interviewing over 300 women in the business of creativity, bringing my perspective as a creative entrepreneur and professional artist to the show.

Born in Italy, and having lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe, I bring all this rich, engaging context into my  work.

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I offer mentoring/coaching packages to creatives, feel free to contact me for details.