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I am a romantic at my core. I create art with a spirit of passion and a dash of play. 

I like to coin my point of view as that of a "New Romantic" 

What is a New Romantic?
**A New Romantic sees in a particular way. Romancing the past and its simplicity in shape and ease. Looking at the future in an uncomplicated yet nuanced way. It is about being acutely aware of your senses and honoring, trusting and exploring them for a fully expressed life.
** Being a New Romantic means having a vivid, lustful, intelligent, spiritual romance with life. It means relying on all our senses and feelings without smothering them, dulling them or overwhelming them.
A little about me:
I currently live and work in Rhode Island.
My "official artist's statement" can sound stuffy. After having worked as a fashion illustrator and having hosted the podcast Smart Creative Women, I can't get away from the fact that my worked is very female. Whether it is lusty, intimate or the way I am seeing the female figure presented in advertising, exploring the depths and contrasts within femininity keeps me charged.
 Artist Statement:
"In my art, I hope to examine a type of super-charged femininity, exploring control and recklessness within the context of the female form and the traditionally female subject matter of flowers and plant life.”
“An artist’s job is to be awake. Remain awake and awaken others. We are not meant to slumber through our gorgeous, lush lives.”

Here is some other fun stuff:
As a fashion illustrator, I have drawn live from the runway during London Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week. Before transitioning to fine art painting, I worked in editorial illustration for 15 years.

I was the host of the Smart Creative Women podcast from 2012 to 2016, interviewing over 300 women in the business of creativity, bringing my perspective as a creative entrepreneur and professional artist to the show.

Born in Italy, and having lived and traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe, I bring all this rich, engaging context into my  work.

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I offer mentoring/coaching packages to creatives, feel free to contact me for details.