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I believe it is the inherent mystery within the spirit of a woman that makes her feminine and these complexities and contrasts are what makes her beautiful.

The  use of the word feminine or femininity  is taking on a new meaning as a response to society and pop culture. The concepts around femininity are rapidly changing as women increasingly move forward in positions of power and wealth.


In my work I want to explore what are the enduring or immutable aspects of femininity vs. the alterable aspects. What has changed, what still needs to change and what will always remain the same.


My exploration of these questions has shown up differently in my work, in the form of lusty floral paintings after I was told by a male art mentor, not to be another women who paints flowers. It has shown up in the large cropped female bodies the I source from our social media feeds, images without heads or faces asking us to buy a product or into an ideal. These images offer us a close up view of a feminine form without the intimacy of seeing the complete person. The cropping of the body in this dramatic way is new to advertising as social media has pushed its way into the forefront of our lives.


Most recently my work includes collaged imagery from feminine pop culture, old masters depictions of women combined with the painting of super charged sensuous florals.

Just incase my artist statement sounds a little too serious, here is a little bit more about me.

I walk the line between quite thoughtful, spiritual and a whole lot of fun. It's a strange line to walk some days but that's what keeps me interested. 

I make art for interesting women.


A little more about me:  After having worked as a fashion illustrator attending and drawing live from the runway during London Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week and having hosted the podcast Smart Creative Women, I  embraced the fact that my work is very female centric.

Whether it is lusty, intimate or fun, exploring the depths and contrasts with women keeps me charged.

I currently live and work from my studio in Rhode Island, USA.

Contact info:

Instagram: @monicaleestudios

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I offer mentoring/coaching packages to creatives, feel free to contact me for details.