When I think of art I think of beauty. Beauty is the mystery of life. ~ Agnes Martin

My work is an emotional response to the mysteries of life, it’s complexities and contrasts.  My internal life externally takes on the form of sensual marks on the canvas. I think beauty and desire are dance partners inside us and they need to be coaxed to life, given permission to exist and to be on the move. My work is really about empowerment and owning your voice and passions. Through line and color, I want to capture that secret place within us all that longs to be nurtured.

CV upon request. 

A little bit about me:

I am all about the details and my world is NOT a minimalist world.

 It’s cheeky, fun, and madly romantic all at once. 

I bring every experience I have had to my paintings because the journey to get here was not short. It has been full of colorful travel (I was an international flight attendant). It has been entrepreneurial (I had a stationery business and a leather handbag business). It has been curious (I used to host a creative podcast, Smart Creative Women). 

The decision to fully embrace my work as a painter and owning the resulting freedom seems a bit like magic.  Remind me to tell you that story sometime... 

I am forever grateful to have a studio to paint from and to have the opportunity to create works where passion and heart collide. 

I believe you deserve to celebrate yourself in every way you can, this is what I mean when I say you should “romance your life.” Be decadent with yourself, your heart, your senses. It is YOUR life. Don’t wait for permission to lead it. 



I currently live and work from my studio in Rhode Island, USA.



Contact info: monica@monicaleestudios.com

Instagram: @monicaleestudios




I offer mentoring/coaching packages to creatives, feel free to contact me for details. monica@monicaleestudios.com