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  1. Where can I find available artwork? 

Almost all of my artwork can be found on my website. However, Monica does have figure paintings for sale over at Singulart. They also specialize in International Shipping. We can ship large work internationally, as seen below and we do try to cover half the rate with the buyer. Contact us if you want to purchase a larger work outside the US.


  1. What about returns? 

Choose your art wisely! All art and print sales are semi-final unless they are damaged! You can certainly send back your art work within 14 days but you have to bare the cost of the return. Having said that, we want you to be happy so please contact us with any questions! And contact me about any damage in shipping.


     3. What about shipping?

Funny you should ask because I feel like it changes daily!

Original Small works under 36 inches ship for free within the US and for $55 worldwide.

Original Large work over 36 inches often has to be crated in wood and/or specially packed to avoid the increasing amount of damage we have seen from carriers. You will be sent a separate invoice for shipping a large work after I have quoted it for you. You cost will most likely run between $300-$500. 

For example, we split the average cost with the buyer of shipping/handling and building a crate for the large works, which usually runs between $600-$1000. Trust us! It is worth the effort to have original art in your space! So you will be sent an invoice for only half of the cost.


  1. What if I am undecided about a big purchase?

Then let’s get you more shots or even a video of it! If you are purchasing an original piece of art and would like more photos of the piece, just email and we will send you more from every angle. Original works on canvas are either boxed or crated depending on size. 

  1. Do you do commissions? 

I do, on work over the size of 30 “. If you have a particular size you would need to fit into your retail space, office, or home, contact me for more details. My collage work within a painting can be particularly special (and fun) as a gift to someone special. I can even add your own love letter. 

     What is your coaching all about?

I have coached artists and creative entrepreneurs to help them find clarity for some time. I really enjoy it but the truth is the mentoring or coaching I do is really about finding out what is already IN you so you can lead your best life. This is one of the reasons I talk about “branding” instead of using trigger words like “style” or “voice.” It gives you more elbow room to speak up and give yourself permission. That sounds a bit odd but in my experience, it works. It’s an exciting process, but you have to be mentally ready to unearth some of your likes and dislikes and ask yourself some practical questions at the same time. You can find out more through my Coaching link.

Copyrights (it’s a thing!) 

Please note that Monica Lee Studios retains all rights to the artwork, including previously sold and commissioned original paintings. Monica Lee Studios retains the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork. Artwork purchased may not be copied, printed, reproduced, and/or distributed by any method, for any reason without written permission from the artist. Thank you